Inner Light

Inner Light is a healing that is unique to Inner Quest.

This healing combines the restoration benefits of chakra balancing with a gentle yet deep energetic body cleanse. Your energy centers are balanced and any resistances and distractions in your energy field are cleared.

In Inner Light, the therapist acts as a channel between your elemental body consciousness and the Christ consciousness. By taking the light of Christ deep within the physical body, healing energy can be applied to the organs and cells in your body that need it most. The entire body is traversed, and any energy blockages or spots of negativity encountered are dissolved

Inner Light also consists of a Chakra Balancing component. For additional information on chakra balancing, please refer to the Chakra Balancing healings page.

This wonderful therapy will leave you feeling renewed and open the path to greater health and well-being.

What to Expect

This gentle therapy will balance your chakras, clear your energy field, and lift away distractions and resistances in your body.

You’ll be invited to lay on a healing table and should wear appropriately comfortable clothing. Each session begins with a prayer. Afterwards, the therapist will begin working on your energy field. There is minimal to no touching of your body.

The therapist will first work on your chakras. These are opened, cleared and then balanced. The process is generally very gentle and relaxing, although some sensation may occur.

After the initial chakra balancing, the therapist will interface with your body consciousness and begin examining any inner process, celluar patterns, and thoughts that may be revealed to them. Any issues that arise are integrated into the light of the Christ consciousness for healing and restoration. During this phase of the healing, many clients will enter a deep state of sleep or relaxation.

Once the healing is complete, the therapist will rebalance your energy field and gently bring you back to a waking state of mind. You will be provided with water and time to recollect yourself. Most clients feel an immediate sense of clarity and relief.

If the therapist received information during the healing, they will share it with you after the healing is complete.

Healers and Pricing

Healer Availability Cost
Rev Cindy Fuller Tue, Thu, Fri $60
Rev Patrick Abent Mon-Thur $50

Each Inner Light session lasts approximately one hour.


Healings Summary

Clear imbalances and remove blockages in the energy centers of your body.

By introducing specific color frequencies into your body's energy field, bodily processes can be strengthened and enforced.

Are you stuck or trapped in life? Our counseling program will help you understand and move beyond your situation.

This comprehensive therapy combines color, crystals, and sound to cleanse and align your energetic body.

Connect your body consciousness with the Christ consciousness to dissolve any impurities in your energetic field.

We offer spiritual readings to help you gain greater perspective and understanding of your life.

A gentle hands-on technique that channels renewing energy into various parts of your body for recovery and relaxation.

An intensive therapy that allows you to identify and release faulty thought patterns buried within your consciousness.

Booking Appointments

Appointments must be booked one week in advance. Available times are listed below:
Monday:10AM - 4PM
Tuesday:10AM - 4PM
Wednesday:10AM - 4PM
Thursday:10AM - 4PM
Evening appointments may be available upon request.
To book a healing, contact us using one of the methods below: