Inner Quest Church - Kids Sunday School

Kids Sunday School


Children are born knowing God and our programs are designed to help them not forget. When Universal principles are presented at their level, these kids actually feel like they are the Children of God!

Jesus Christ taught us all that God loves us, God is within us, God is within all, and that each person is a unique expression of God here on earth. This is what we teach our children. Children understand love. Children understand God.

The 4 - 7 Year Olds

The lessons for our youngest children emphasize that they are safe in God’s Love, that God loves them unconditionally and that God is always with them.

They are shown to always look for God in all things and to see the beauty in themselves, nature and others. Many different books are used to illustrate these lessons. Mountain, Meadows and Moonbeams by Mary Summer Rain is a great book that has stories and illustrations to explain principles of energy to the youngest of children. A children’s picture bible is used for introducing the bible’s metaphysical stories about Jesus the Christ. Jesus came to teach and show us God’s love. We also use many beautifully illustrated award winning books to teach these themes. Fun songs and craft activities with each lesson help these ideas become part of the little one’s consciousness.

These little ones have a natural understanding and acceptance of the unlimited nature of God and of the differences in each other. As they begin to trust God’s love for them, their hearts and minds expand into a space of unlimited potential and creation! They love being here!

Don’t leave your little one wondering about he love of God! Bring your children and join our Church Family in the wonders of God’s love!

The 8 - 12 Year Olds

This is the age when children decide how they will fit into the world, so, we teach the kids about their gifts!

The 8-12 year olds learn about the gifts of the Christ and about their own gifts. As Jesus Christ taught us over 2000 years ago, one of the greatest spiritual gifts is knowing that God, our Father, is the still small voice within us. “It is not I that do the works but the Father within.”

We look metaphysically at the stories of Jesus’ life using the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ and the Holy Bible translated from Aramaic by Dr. George Lamsa. They learn about the many aspects of Jesus’ journey, and the walk to Christed Consciousness. As these stories are looked at metaphysically, the children can feel the importance of their own spirit and the great opportunity they have to share their gifts with the world.

We are spirit, vibrating and creating this human body and our experiences

So, we teach our children about our energy bodies and how our thoughts and feelings create our world. We are energy beings. Our program shows our kids how to clear their fields, center their energies and how to connect with God’s love. This helps the children to see clearly and choose consciously, while staying connected in God’s light.

There are many fun and colorful lessons about our seven chakras and energy bodies. Lessons on how to enhance their energy for health and how to recognize when they are out of balance. We use Jesus’ healing stories to relate to our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. The main theme throughout all lessons is that love is the greatest healing power. Love transmutes and brings all into harmony.

With this age group, we teach short meditations to show the children how to go within to connect with God and their own higher self. In this way, they can find their own uniqueness and the special gifts that they came to express.

Our kids love these experiences and our teachers love learning from our kids. Join us Sunday. We would love to have your children’s light in class.

Spirit Camp

Offered annually for the 8-12 year olds, Spirit Camp is a great opportunity for the kids to come to know each other and develop bonds of friendship in a fun environment of metaphysical thought. The theme is often associated with "Living in Harmony with Nature" or having "Balance in your Life". Each camp involves outdoor activities and culminates in an exciting trip to the Chattahoochee River or a local lake or point of interest. This camp is usually offered in June.