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RoHun Therapy

RoHun is an intensive and intimate therapy that allows you to redefine your spiritual self.

RoHun therapy is a deep and thorough psychotherapy for personal growth and change. RoHun brings the deepest layers of the unconscious to the surface to be examined, integrated, and transformed. In the process, emotional traumas are released, personal beliefs are strengthened, and the path to higher awareness is opened.

Using this technique, months of gradual transformation can be achieved in a period of days. However, prospective clients should be aware that RoHun healing requires commitment and effort. Not everyone may be ready to embrace a healing process of such speed and intensity.

RoHun requires multiple sessions. Due to the intensiveness of this program, we recommend that you maintain a light work load and avoid important decisions until the therapy is complete.

Benefits of RoHun

Release and Renew

This is a wonderfully proven technique for releasing faulty thought patterns from your world. Ro-Hun allows you to identify the thought patterns that have been “sculpting” your reality. Once these have been seen, you are then able to choose differently. By redesigning your thoughts you are able to redesign your life.

Faulty Thoughts

Most of us have taken on the beliefs of the world around us. Our environment, our families, even our past lives have given us a “reality” that seeks to be repeated. As our subconscious mind continues to replay all that it was taught, we can feel stuck and defeated. But thoughts can be changed.

Through the Ro-Hun process, you will be able to see ideas that you have believed to be true. AND you can see how these perceptions now create your world! By realizing and then choosing a new reality, you are able to bring new opportunities and new directions into your life.

Recreate Your Life

When you are able to renew and refresh your “perceptions”, a most beautiful transformation takes place within you! Your truest nature, which holds the dreams of your soul, will begin to emerge. You are then able to walk in this world with a much greater sense of who you are and what you really desire. You are no longer trying to make sense of someone else’s belief system. You can access your own inner knowing at a deeper level than you ever have! You will feel empowered and connected to your Higher Self.

This is a wonderful process to enlighten, redirect and move into a new level of consciousness.

What to Expect

RoHun is an intimate and powerful therapy.

In Rohun Therapy, you will be invited to lay upon a healing table and should wear appropriately comfortable clothing. Each sesion opens with a prayer. Your therapist will then work with you to open and explore each of your energy centers. You will uncover and release any unresolved issues and negative thought patterns that are buried within your consciousness. Some of these issues may date back to your earliest experiences.

Unlike other therapies, RoHun is a very active therapy that requires you to adddress and work through any issues that may come up during each session. Your therapist will assist you in connecting with your Higher Self so that you may confidently and effectively navigate through the blockages preventing you from realizing your true self.

RoHun therapy is done over a period of three sessions. In each subsequent session, the therapist will go deeper into your energy field. Over the period of three sessions, you will journey deep into your inner world and integrate with your truest self. All thoughts and patterns that do not resonate with your core being will be released.

Going through RoHun can be an intense experience. We recommend that you maintain a light work load and avoid important decisions until the therapy is complete.

Healers and Pricing

Rev Cindy Fuller
Tue, Thu, Fri
$250 per 2-hour session
RoHun Therapy requires a minimum of 3 sessions, closely scheduled. Each session lasts approximately 2 hours.