Inner Quest Church - Healing Group

Second Saturday of the Month

Come and Experience God’s Healing Energy

Every month on the second Saturday, Inner Quest offers a Healing Night which is open to everyone. This is a wonderful time to come and see what healing energy is all about.

All people are welcomed in to receive a twenty minute healing session. This session is a combination of Reiki and Chakra Balancing, or energy clearing. Reiki feeds the body on every level, while the Chakra Balancing clears the old energy from your field. This technique allows for a deep cleansing and revitalizing healing. The energy of God moves through the body creating a renewed sense of wholeness, clarity and well being.

The members of our Healing Team have all been trained by Inner Quest and each is committed to serving in this capacity for a years time. This enables us to hold a group consciousness of powerful healing intention and love. Each of the healers has dedicated their hearts to serve as a channel of God’s Healing Light.

Join us the second Saturday of every month and receive your healing. This healing is done on a Love Offering Basis.​