Inner Quest Church - Color Therapy Healing

Color Therapy

We have long known that colors have an effect on people's moods, feelings, and state of mind.

Just as the light of the sun plays an important role in maintaining general well-being, colored light of specific frequencies can be used to support and stimulate specific areas of the body's health.

Each different color has very specific effects energetically and physically when introduced to human energy fields. For example, green reduces tension and stimulates building of muscles and tissues, while red increases vitality and builds platelets and hemoglobin. After assessing the current state of an individual, specific colors can be used to strengthen physiological processes that are weak and lacking. Unlike traditional medical techniques which can be harsh and invasive, color therapy is gentle and easily accepted into the body's energy field.

At Inner Quest, we use color lamps to focus and infuse light into the body. Using a combination of 14 different filters, we can create over 100 different colors to address the specific needs of your body and energetic field.

Our world bombards us with an array of energies and vibrations that can easily overwhelm us. We may have to expend precious energy just to maintain balance. At Inner Quest, our Color Therapy Treatment will introduce two color frequencies into your energy field to strengthen health and improve energetic balance.

Qualities of Colors

Red - Activator

Strength, energy, vitality: Increases circulation and reduces pain. Activates adrenals. Helps willpower. Liver builder: Builds platelets, hemoglobin of the blood.

Orange - Enthusiasm

Uplifting for the nervous system. Joy. Used for Chest conditions: lungs, asthma, bronchitis. Strengthens bones and teeth. Decongestant

Yellow - Wisdom

A nerve builder. Controls adrenals and pancreas. Stimulates intestines and expels parasites. Reduces swelling and stimulates circulatory system. Helps Self Esteem.

Green - Harmonizer

Balancer. Increases overall sense of well being. Rejuvenator. Dissolves blood clots. Reduces tension. Stimulates building of muscles and tissues.

Blue - Inspiration

Uplifting and calming. Anesthetizes and reduces fevers. Lowers blood pressure. Induces sleep. Combats germs and infections. Relieves itching.

Indigo - Visionary

Purifies. Relieves swelling. Controls abscesses. Use for eyes and ears. Sedative. Calming of mental disorders. Heals etheric body.

Violet - Purpose

Soothing energy. Tranquilizer. Relieves cramps. Relieves psychological distress. Skin rashes. Emotional problems. Promotes production of white blood cells.

What to Expect

Color Therapy is a soothing and relaxing process.

In Color Therapy, you will be invited to lay upon a healing table and should wear appropriately comfortable clothing. Each session begins with a prayer. The therapist will then determine which colors to use based on a scan of your energy field, communication with your Higher Self, and any feedback that you provide. If desired, you may request specific areas to work on.

In each session, two colors are infused into your energy field, each one for approximately 20 minutes. Throughout the healing, the therapist will direct these colors at various points on your body based on your specific needs. As you lie on the table, you will soak up the warmth and transmuting energy of each color. The process is low-stress and relaxing.

The session lasts for approximately 1 hour. Afterwards, you will be provided with water and time to recollect yourself. Some individuals may feel immediate relief, while others may require some time to feel the full benefits.

Healers and Pricing

Rev Patrick Abent
Mon - Thu
Each Color Therapy session lasts approximately 1 hour.