Inner Quest Church - Tuesday Night Service

Tuesday Night Service

Healing Circle

Join us in Our Tuesday Night experience! This is a wonderful service we offer that continually blesses and heals all those who ask. Throughout the week people from all over the world contact us for prayer support. Then on Tuesday Nights, we join our hearts and minds, as one, and send God’s healing love to every prayer.

Not only does this work bless the world, but it blesses the workers as well! All who participate are bathed in this light, so you will receive a healing too. The healing circle always feels like an honor to participate in and is such a service to the whole!

Expanding Consciousness

After our healing circle, we have class. This time is used to create experiences which expand your awareness and provide new insights to living heaven on earth. Every Tuesday Night is different. We study healing exercises, intuitive techniques, meditation or spiritual principles.

Tuesday night is a great time to reconnect with your spirit and your spiritual family. This energy will help uplift you through the rest of your week. No matter what you may believe about prayer, meditation, or energy, these classes will support you in your personal unfoldment.

It’s easy to grow! Join us in a safe environment filled with angels and love.