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Reiki is a universal life force energy.

Our bodies run on chi, or life energy. When this energy flows freely and abundantly through our bodies, we experience well-being. When this energy is low or unbalanced, we become listless and tired.

Reiki is a way to harness universal life energies for healing. It is a soothing and hands-on technique in which a healer channels chi into various parts of the recipient's body. This subtle energy replenishes areas in the recipient's body that have been depleted and restores balance in the recipient's emotional and spiritual self.

Reiki is a treatment that is open to any belief system. It can be enjoyed by anyone in their normal course of life as a method to promote well-being. It is also useful as a complement to traditional medical procedures in order to quicken the recovery process.

Benefits of Reiki


In addition to creating a state of renewed health, Reiki is one of the greatest stress reducers available. After even one session, you will find an immense sense of renewed hope and vitality. Because this is a non-confrontational form of therapy, you are able to totally relax while the energy flows throughout the body. It is so relaxing, in fact, that it is not uncommon for people to fall asleep or experience an altered state of consciousness during a session.


Reiki energy “speeds up” the time required for the body to heal itself. This process is so supportive that it can be used in conjunction with any other healing modality you may choose. Reiki is one of the most loving energies you can experience. The effectiveness of this process is amazing. We have seen miracles upon miracles occur using this Reiki energy.


As Reiki moves into your body, the lower vibrations of illness and stress are gently moved out of the body. A higher vibration now fills the entire body providing a sense of greater health. Reiki can also be sent through time and space to recipients anywhere in the world. But for that personal transformational experience, schedule a full treatment for yourself.

What to Expect

In Reiki, you will be invited to lay on a healing table and should wear appropriately comfortable clothing.

Each session begins with a prayer. The Reiki healer will then place their hands in various positions on your body. Reiki energy is drawn through the healers hands and into your body. Unlike other forms of healing, Reiki energy is self-directed and automatically mends and strengthens any areas of the body that need it. The process is very gentle and calming, and some clients may be induced into a light sleep.

Throughout the session, every energy meridian and every chakra will be energized. The entire Reiki session lasts approximately 50 minutes. Afterwards, the therapist will provide you with water and time to recollect yourself. Most people will feel a lasting sense of calm and wholeness after the session.

Healers and Pricing

All Reiki Healers
Mon - Fri
Each Reiki session lasts approximately 50 minutes.