Inner Quest Church - Our Beliefs

Our Foundation

We focus on the teachings of Jesus the Christ and attempt to understand them energetically.

Behind every act and every teaching that he gave to us was a Universal Truth. These deep meanings are still there even though they have been interpreted many different ways over time. Language, cultural differences and morals of the day have all influenced how Christ’s words and meanings were to be applied. We seek to go to the scriptures and look again!

If you study Jesus’ message in the four gospels, you will find that he is pointing our hearts and minds to “God, our Father”.

He teaches us of a world that can exist in love and peace when we follow our hearts to Spirit. When he left the planet, the disciples were faced with an overwhelming task. Instead of Jesus' teachings of love, their focus shifted to their loss of his presence. His last demonstration became the message- his death, resurrection and ascension. It seemed that all of his teachings that had lead to that moment were all but forgotten. The healings became less and less. The miracles were less and less. The early Christians’ focus became the message of Jesus’ last days and the promise of his return.

Then as Paul came on to the scene, his writings show us that there was a need to organize and keep the converts faithful.

They had been waiting for Jesus to return for almost thirty years now, and the folds were becoming restless. As Paul is dealing with the problems of the day, he begins to set up “guidelines” that have been extended down through the centuries as “rules of behavior”. Paul was merely handling problems as they arose. We do not believe that these letters were intended to be taken as rules of behavior. They were merely attempts at maintaining order at that time.

We, therefore, lovingly explore Paul’s writings and those of the other disciples in the New Testament, the Nag Hamadi and other sacred writings with the realization that they were applying Jesus’ teachings to the best of their abilities and understandings of their time.

Today, mankind has evolved in so many ways.

We understand more deeply the Universal Creator, our Father God. We understand that God’s laws must apply to the whole. We, therefore, focus our awareness on the teachings of Jesus the Christ and how those teachings can be applied today. Jesus taught about love in all ways of life. As we love, we are loved. As we serve, we grow. Mankind is evolving into a true spiritual state and it is through understanding the Love that Jesus taught that we will arrive- awakened children of God.

Our Books

The Bible

We use the Bible in our teachings. We feel that the Old Testament is filled with wonderful examples of the consciousness of man and his desire to connect with God. We can see through the Old Testament stories of mankind’s successes, failures and his awareness of the interaction of God in his life.

In the New Testament, Jesus comes to teach us of a new relationship with God. God is our loving Father! This idea was revolutionary at that time! It was the beginning of a new relationship with a God that is within the hearts of all.

Since we are Christian, our focus is on the teachings of Jesus Christ. We honor all versions of the Bible, however, we recommend the Lamsa Translation of the Holy Bible as it refers back to the original Aramaic texts for translation.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ

We also use the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ in our teachings. This is a wonderful book of the life of Jesus. It was written by Levi Dowling in the late 1800’s and was a transcription from the akashic records. This book is filled with explanation and truth that has been hidden or removed from our New Testament. In this work, we see the great need for mankind to evolve and the way in which to do it.

Other Spiritual Books

There are a great many other spiritual books that have a wonderful gift to give the seeking heart. We embrace any and all books whose message is that of love for God, Christ and mankind, and the freedom within each heart to choose.

Our Core Beliefs

There is only one God, creator of us all.

It does not matter how you worship. We all worship the same God.

The Christ Light is in us all.

This light is the animated expression of our selves. Some do not realize their true nature and lead a wordly focused life. We believe the goal of all will one day be to realize their true nature as being one with God and live a life of heaven on earth. All are the Children of God.

Jesus Christ was indeed a savior of the race.

Jesus lived a spiritually animated life and demonstrated Spirit’s command over matter. He knew His oneness with God, our Father/Mother.

Mankind had turned from God. Jesus turned us back to God. At his death, resurrection and ascension, he created an energetic pathway between man and God. This space of grace allows all who follow him to find God’s Presence, Truth and Love- no matter where they are.

Upon his ascension he went to His Father. “ I go to my Father.” At that point he became like His Father: Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.

Jesus the Christ
Living his life as perfect man
Moved through the death process.
Resurrected human cells.
Lifted those cells to spiritual matter.

Jesus opened the door to the complete spiritualization of mankind. He now stands guiding every heart back to the Father’s Love. Everyone can follow. Look to the Christ within. There you will find that you are one with Jesus the Christ and one with God.