Inner Quest Church - Teachers of Principle

Teachers of Principle

What is Metaphysics? This is the class that will put it all together for you.

Our Teachers of Principle Program provides a comprehensive understanding of metaphysical principles and how to apply these principles in every area of your life. Successful completion of these classes will culminate in certification as a Teacher of Principle. These teachers would be encouraged to teach, as well as to guide new members in understanding Universal Love.

The Teachers of Principle Program takes one year to complete and consists for four phases. Each phase is a six week class.


Metaphysics I — What is God and Man

  • Our perceptions of God and man
  • The flow of energy
  • Creation and manifestation
  • Life as a being of light

Metaphysics II - Metaphysically Understanding Religious Concepts

  • The energy body of man
  • How do we understand evil, sin, baptism, heaven & hell?
  • Metaphysical meaning of life & ascension
  • Jesus Christ's gift to the world

Metaphysics III– The Universal Laws

  • The automatic laws
  • The choice activated laws
  • Recognizing and activating the laws for creating change in your life

Metaphysics IV– Application of the Laws

  • Learning to metaphysically interpret the world around you
  • Applying the laws to all situations

Class Schedule and Pricing

Start Date
Metaphysics I
6 Weeks
Metaphysics II
6 Weeks
Metaphysics III
6 Weeks
Metaphysics IV
6 Weeks
Classes are held on Saturdays, 9:30AM to 12:00PM.