Inner Quest Church - Crystal Sound

Crystal Sound

Crystal Sound is a powerful therapy for clearing and aligning your mind, body, and spirit.

Crystal Sound combines the vibrational qualities of crystals, sound, and color into a single powerful treatment. Developed by Rev. Patrick Abent, this therapy cleanses your lower energetic bodies of impurities and allows your consciousness to shift to a higher state.

There are over 200 crystals in the Crystal Sound table. They are programmed to 4 hz, the delta brain wave frequency we reach in deep sleep and meditation. When you lie on the table, your body entrains to this vibration, becoming more receptive and responsive to the energy around you.

A specialized music is used for this healing. The music used is created in a laboratory with over 80 crystals from the size of a needle to over a foot long. Each minute of music takes 100 hours to create. The crystal tinkling is combined with music and other tones which creates the movement of energy through your lower bodies.

The colors are created using the “spectro chrome” technique which was created by Darius Dinshah. Each color generates a specific vibrational effect on the body's energy field and is used to enhance the desired result of the healing session.

Through the process of receiving these three vibrations combined, your energy field is resonated to higher vibrational level. Old beliefs, stuck emotions, and other lower vibrations that are not in alignment with your core energy signature are resonated out of your energy field. That which remains is a higher, cleaner, and more integrated image of yourself.

Crystal Therapy is helpful for cleansing yourself of past issues that you are having difficulties moving beyond. In addition, it opens the path to a greater sense of clarity, inspiration, enthusiasm, openness, balance, and peace. Crystal Sound will support you in achieving your highest good. Elevate your energy and make your world shine!

What to Expect

Crystal Sound is a gentle but thorough therapy with immediate effects.

In Crystal Sound Therapy, you will be invited to lay upon a healing table and should wear appropriately comfortable clothing. The healing table is placed above a bed of crystals designed to help you physically relax and enter into a meditative state of mind more easily.

Each session begins with a prayer. The therapist will then determine which color and music to use based on a scan of your energy field, communication with your Higher Self, and any feedback that you provide. If desired, you may request specific areas to work on.

In each session, one music track is played and one color is infused into your energy field. As the session progresses, the therapist will direct the selected color upwards through each of your seven chakras. As you lie on the table, the vibrations from the crystals, music, and color will resonate through your body's energy field. The process is gentle but thorough, and many individuals will be able to feel the vibrations move through their bodies. If any particular issues are released during therapy, you may experience it as a physical or emotional release.

The session lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Afterwards, you will be provided with water and time to recollect yourself. Most clients feel an immediate sense of release and relief.

Healers and Pricing

Rev Patrick Abent
Mon - Thur
Each Crystal Sound session lasts approximately 30 minutes.