Inner Quest Church - Seminary Program

Seminary Program

As an independent Metaphysical Christian Church, Inner Quest established its own seminary program in 1995.

We are currently offering our Seminary Program in three phases. Each phase takes one year to two years to complete.

After becoming a Teacher of Principle, you are eligible to begin Phase II which will train you to become a Minister of Healing.

Phase III is the completion of this extensive program designed to provide instruction and guidance for those candidates who are called to become Ministers of Inner Quest. Each participant who successfully completes all of the required classes and programs will receive a “Masters of Divinity”. They are then eligible to receive full Ordination as a Minister with all of the rights and Privileges thereof.

This life changing program is for the dedicated. We truly honor those who are called to take these steps.

Phase 1

Teachers of Principle

Phase I consists of four six week classes:

  • Metaphysics I - What is God and Man
  • Metaphysics II - Metaphysically Understanding Religious Concepts
  • Metaphysics III – The Universal Laws
  • Metaphysics IV – Application of the Laws

Successful completion of these classes will culminate in certification as a Teacher of Principle. These teachers would be encouraged to teach, as well as to guide new members in understanding Universal principles.

Phase II

Ministers of Healing

Seminary Phase II continues with the study of the Aquarian Gospel and the New Testament. This is a two year program, and includes the classes Meditation I, Meditation II, Psychic Development I & II, Reiki I & II, and Healing. This series culminates in certification as a Minister of Healing.

Phase II, spanning over two years or more, consists of the following 6-week seminary classes:

  • Aquarian Gospels I
  • Aquarian Gospels II
  • Aquarian Gospels III
  • Aquarian Gospels IV
  • Aquarian Gospels V
  • Metaphysical Interpretation Gospels I (Matthew, Mark & Luke)
  • Metaphysical Interpretation Gospels II (Matthew, Mark & Luke)
  • Metaphysical Interpretation Gospels III (John)
  • Metaphysical Interpretation of New Testament I (Acts, I & II Corinthians, I & II Thessalonians, James)
  • Metpahysical Interpretation of New Testament II (Balance of New Testament)
  • Public Speaking

This phase also requires the successful completion of the following:

  • Planning and execution of Tuesday Night Service (two services)
  • Planning and execution of a children's program (one month)
  • Completion of Meditation I & II, Psychic Development I & II, Healing Class, and Reiki I & II
  • Completion of Merkaba Study
  • Completion of Color Therapy class is recommended

Phase III

Ordained Minister

Phase III continues with the Metaphysical Study of the Old Testament, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, Counseling, Weddings, Funerals and Public Speaking. All other program requirements must be completed at this time. Participants completing this level would then receive their Degree of “Masters of Divinity”. They would also have the choice to become Ordained Ministers of Inner Quest Church. They would be fully charged to act, with all rights and privileges, as ministers under the auspices of Inner Quest Church.

The 6-week classes for this phase are listed below:

  • Genesis I
  • Genesis II
  • Exodus through Deutoronomy
  • Judges through Chronicles II
  • Prophets
  • Job through Ecclesiasties
  • Revelations
  • Counseling
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East I
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East II
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East III
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East IV
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East V
  • Life & Teachings of Masters of Far East - Book Report

In addition, these students will plan and execute a community project, a Sunday Service, one month of Tuesday night healing programs, and a bi-monthly newsletter. Completion of Reiki III is highly recommended.

Class Schedule and Pricing

Start Date
Aquarian Gospel I
6 Weeks
Aquarian Gospel II
6 Weeks
Aquarian Gospel III
6 Weeks
Aquarian Gospel IV
6 Weeks
Aquarian Gospel V
6 weeks
Metaphysics I Class
6 weeks
Metaphysics II Class
6 weeks
Metaphysics III Class
6 weeks
Metaphysics IV
6 weeks
Classes are held on Saturdays, 9:30AM to 12:00PM.