Do you ever find yourself confused and need some guidance before making your next choice?

Have you ever wondered why certain things happen the way they do? Have you ever wanted to speak to your angels, guides, or loved ones?

At Inner Quest, we offer Spiritual Readings to help you gain greater understanding of your life.

Jesus Christ demonstrated this ability to “read” the soul of another. We believe that as we share this gift with the world, we, too, are walking the path he asked us to walk.

Our Readers are extremely talented beings who have dedicated their lives to being a channel of God’s love for the world. By tuning to the infinite space of Spirit through prayer, they are able to access your Higher Self, your angels and your guides. As they work in God’s love, information beyond the human senses begins to flow.

Our technique of reading deals with your issues at a heart and soul level. The information that is provided will help you become aware of what you are currently creating in your world and how you can choose from a spiritual perspective.

In a reading we offer:

  • Guidance on current life issues - relationships, career, family, etc.
  • Health and body scans
  • Soul patterns
  • Past life information
  • Communication with loved ones on the other side.

Every reading is unique to you! These readings are recorded for your future reference and take one hour. Readings can be done in person or by telephone. Call for your appointment today!

What to Expect

Readings are a way to gather information about yourself and the world around you.

Each reading begins with a prayer. Your reader will then tune into your energy field at a causal/soul level. From this perspective, they will brief you on where you currently are in your life journey. This may include important life choices that are coming up, actions that you may need to take, and past decisions that are now playing a role in your present situation.

After the initial briefing, you will be invited to ask the reader questions. If necessary, the reader will consult your guides, angels, loved ones, and any other relevant spiritual entities to access information regarding to your questions. If desired, you may also inquire about those who are close to you. If this is the case, we ask that you bring a photo of the person you are inquiring about so that the reader may more accurately tune into their energy.

Be aware that readings involving future events may not play out 100% as predicted due to free will. Instead, they present a picture of what may happen if all forces involved in the situation continue in their present directions. This information should be used as a general guide to help you make decisions and should not be interpreted as set in stone.

Each reading lasts approximately one hour. If desired, readings can be done over the phone instead of in person. The process of a reading done over the phone is the same as a reading done in person.

Healers and Pricing

Reader Availability In-Person
Rev Cindy Fuller Tue, Thu, Fri $125 $130
Rev Patrick Abent Mon-Thur $100 $105

Each reading lasts approximately one hour.


Healings Summary

Clear imbalances and remove blockages in the energy centers of your body.

By introducing specific color frequencies into your body's energy field, bodily processes can be strengthened and enforced.

Are you stuck or trapped in life? Our counseling program will help you understand and move beyond your situation.

This comprehensive therapy combines color, crystals, and sound to cleanse and align your energetic body.

Connect your body consciousness with the Christ consciousness to dissolve any impurities in your energetic field.

We offer spiritual readings to help you gain greater perspective and understanding of your life.

A gentle hands-on technique that channels renewing energy into various parts of your body for recovery and relaxation.

An intensive therapy that allows you to identify and release faulty thought patterns buried within your consciousness.

Booking Appointments

Appointments must be booked one week in advance. Available times are listed below:
Monday:10AM - 4PM
Tuesday:10AM - 4PM
Wednesday:10AM - 4PM
Thursday:10AM - 4PM
Evening appointments may be available upon request.
To book a healing, contact us using one of the methods below: