Spiritual Counseling

At times we may find ourselves trapped or stuck in our lives.

We may be in a situation that is not for our highest good, and yet we are unable to find a way out. These situations cause extended frustration and pain, and they may even wear us out to the point where we can no longer see joy in our lives.

Inner Quest's counseling program is designed to shine light into the root causes behind your distress and help you free yourself so that you can move forward in your life. Some of the issues that we have helped people with in the past include the following:

  • Lack of relationships or relationships that just are not working
  • Careers that are not on track
  • Feelings of being spiritually lost
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Financial challenges
  • Frustration and/or fear about a particular issue
  • General depression

Our spiritual counseling program is available to everyone. We counsel people from many faiths, and many backgrounds. All who seek this service are welcome.

All of our counselors are ordained ministers with Inner Quest. They have received extensive training in understanding the causal thoughts that create imbalances in people's lives and will work with you to apply spiritual principles to help you resolve your issues.

What to Expect

Our counseling is designed to give you greater understanding of your situation and how to move beyond it.

In your first counseling session, you will be invited to share the issue that you want to work on with one of our counselors. The counselor may ask questions to gain a fuller understanding of your situation.

Your counselor will pray and connect with God in order to apply Metaphysical Truths to your present situation. Together with your counselor, you will examine the relationships, beliefs, and patterns that comprise your situation and identify the specific thought patterns that are binding you to your situation.

Your counselor will then help you come up with action steps that you can take to release yourself from your situation and empower yourself to grow.

Each counseling session lasts approximately one hour. Most people will require multiple counseling sessions to fully work through their issues. If you require multiple sessions, you will work with the same counselor in each of your sessions. We recommend scheduling sessions one week apart and taking the appropriate action steps between each session.

If you have additional questions about our counseling services, please contact the Inner Quest office.

Counselors and Pricing

Counselor Availability Cost
Rev Cindy Fuller Tue, Thu, Fri $60 per session
Rev Patrick Abent Mon-Thur $60 per session
$40 per session for 3 sessions or more
Couples Counseling
with Rev Cindy Fuller
Tue, Thu, Fri $75 per session
Couples Counseling
with Rev Cindy Fuller
and Rev Patrick Abent
Tue, Thu $90 per session

Each counseling session lasts approximately one hour.


Healings Summary

Clear imbalances and remove blockages in the energy centers of your body.

By introducing specific color frequencies into your body's energy field, bodily processes can be strengthened and enforced.

Are you stuck or trapped in life? Our counseling program will help you understand and move beyond your situation.

This comprehensive therapy combines color, crystals, and sound to cleanse and align your energetic body.

Connect your body consciousness with the Christ consciousness to dissolve any impurities in your energetic field.

We offer spiritual readings to help you gain greater perspective and understanding of your life.

A gentle hands-on technique that channels renewing energy into various parts of your body for recovery and relaxation.

An intensive therapy that allows you to identify and release faulty thought patterns buried within your consciousness.

Booking Appointments

Appointments must be booked one week in advance. Available times are listed below:
Monday:10AM - 4PM
Tuesday:10AM - 4PM
Wednesday:10AM - 4PM
Thursday:10AM - 4PM
Evening appointments may be available upon request.
To book a healing, contact us using one of the methods below:
E-mail: iqc@innerquestchurch.org