Sunday ServiceAug 3, 10:30AM-11:30AM
Rev Charmayne Scruggs
Thoughts Are Things

Tuesday ServiceJuly 29th, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Rev Katy McManus
Sound- Opening to the Divine

Healing NightAugust 9th, 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Love Offering
Experience the healing power of Reiki

Fall Festival & Psychic FairSeptember 20th, 2014
Saturday from 11am-5pm
Readings, Healings, Classes

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  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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  • Tuesday Service

    Sound- Opening to the Divine- Tonight we will use sound as a way to conclude our series on opening to our own intuition. Again, come ready to relax with Katy. Love Offering. 

  • Sunday Services

    Thoughts are Things - Rev. Charmayne Scruggs

  • Men's Breakfast
    This is a wonderful time for men of the church to get together and have spiritual conversation and food.  Open to all men -- come and share your light!
  • Tuesday Service
    How to Clear and Recharge your Crystals - We all use crystals, but are we aware of the care of them?  Tonight Patrick will teach us how to clean and clear our valuable helpers...and also how to use them for specific issues. Love Offering
  • Meditation II Class

    Take your meditation to the next level! Learn new tools to focus and direct your energy in your meditations. Join us as we touch Spirit on a deeper level! This is a transformational class. Thursday evenings Aug 7 - Sept 11. $120

  • Healing Night

    Experience Reiki.  This is a great opportunity for those new to energy healing.  All ages are welcome.  No appointment necessary.  Love Offerings are accepted for healings.

Daily Affirmations
  • “When you don't know what to do, remember that God is a world of love. Simply choose to live in that world. ”
  • “I need my Believe in order to Receive.”
  • “Even rocks change over time. ”
  • “ Joy occurs in a moment when you and your soul are in agreement. ”
  • “I am never a failure until I give up. ”