Sunday ServiceOct 26, 10:30AM-11:30AM
Rev Cindy Fuller
World Peace

Tuesday ServiceOct 28th, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Rev Noelle Abent
Angel Messages

Healing NightNovember 15th, 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Love Offering
Experience the healing power of Reiki

Holiday ProgramsDec 14-The Metaphysics of Christmas
Dec 24 - Candlelighting Service
Dec 31 - Burning Bowl Service

mission statement

  • The journey of life is to know oneself. The path begins in the heart. find out more
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Prayer Request
Ask and you shall receive!
Give Back
Volunteering and Donations


  • Animal Blessing
    Bring your animals for blessings and Reiki. Love Offering.
  • Sunday Service

    World Peace Rev Cindy Fuller

  • Yoga
    Through yoga, we expand our awareness on many levels by using the breath and the body to quiet the mind. Rev Katy McManus will lead this class designed for beginners of all ages. $10
  • Tuesday Service
    Angel Message- We all have angels with us. Tonight we will go into meditation to meet one of our angels who has a special message for us. Rev Noelle Abent leads. Love Offering.
Daily Affirmations
  • “Remembering your essence of life opens your awareness to all. ”
  • “Untapped potential can weigh a lot more than the burdens you currently carry. ”
  • “Peace begins when resistance ends. ”
  • “Every effort we make toward change will eventually bring about what we desire. ”
  • “Doing what society wants you to only works when your heart is in full agreement. ”