3/26/2019 • 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm
Tuesday Service

The Law of Grace - This is one of the most misunderstood laws, yet one of the most powerful ones. Tonight we will learn about this God love that can lift and erase the energies of Karma and negative thoughts. Love Offering.

3/31/2019 • 12:30pm ~ 2:30pm
What We Believe
This is an opportunity to come and ask any questions you want, about any topic. We will do our best to explain the Metaphysical Christian viewing point on each. So bring your questions for a rousing discussion. Love Offering.
4/4/2019 • 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm
Meditation II Class

Meditation II Class- 4/4 - 4/25 - Learn to: Manifest, Free yourself from the energy agreements with others, and Access Divine Mind for growth. If you are ready to Shift Consciousness, then this class is for you! This is a four-week series costing $120.

Meditation I is a prerequisite. Sign up today!

Give us a call (770) 521-2875. Or email us to sign up. 

4/5/2019 • 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm
Intuition Night
Join us for a night of oracle cards! Bring your own cards and come and play. There will be plenty of cards here for anyone who needs them. Intuitive readings by us all, for us all! Love Offering.


Sunday Schedule

  • 9:30
    Explore new ideas, expand your consciousness. Join us for an hour of discussion on topics that cover the spectrum of life.
  • 10:30
    Children are born knowing God and our programs are designed to help them not forget.
  • 10:30
    Refresh your heart and renew your Spirit! The perfect time to gather with your family and friends to celebrate life on earth.

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