11/24/2019 • 10:30am ~ 11:30am
Sunday Service
Gratitude    Rev Patrick Abent
11/24/2019 • 11:30am
Decorate the Church for Christmas

Sunday immediately after service.  Everyone is Welcome! Stay and help turn the church into a Christmas Wonderland!

11/26/2019 • 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm
Tuesday Service

New Moon Meditation   Join us in planting our seeds for greater growth in this Sagittarius energy.  Time to Expand!  Rev. Cindy Fuller leads.   Love Offering.

12/2/2019 • 6:30 pm ~ 8:00 pm
Men's Group
Everyone is welcome. This is a time to share your light with others.  Basics are being provided, but we encourge you to bring a dish to share.
12/7/2019 • 10:00am ~ 2:00pm
Christmas Party in the Bookstore!
Cookies, brownies, tea, and hot cider!  Patrick is opening the doors to the bookstore on a Saturday and hosting a Christmas Party/4-hour inventory sale on ALL INVENTORY.  Everything in the bookstore is at least 10% off -- brings your Christmas list, your friends and family, and join us for the fun.  Patrick will be making deals and hosting this first ever Christmas Party in the bookstore.
12/14/2019 • 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM
Reiki Night

Love Offering. Come and receive the gift of healing through Reiki.  Call ahead (before Saturday) and schedule an appointment; or Drop-ins are always welcomed.  20-minute sessions.

12/15/2019 • 7:30pm ~ 8:30pm
Metaphysics of Christmas

This is our annual celebration of mankind's journey as a Child of God. The choir and message is amazing! Childcare is provided. Love Offering.

12/24/2019 • 7:30pm ~ 8:30pm
Candlelighting Service
Join us for a time to honor Jesus the Christ and the light within us all. Childcare is provided. Love Offering.
12/29/2019 • 11:30am
De-Decorate for 2020!

Sunday immediately after service.  Everyone is Welcome! Help us pack away Christmas decor and prepare for our ceremony to welcome in 2020!

12/31/2019 • 7:30pm ~ 8:30pm
Burning Bowl Service
An evening of renewal as we release the energies of 2019 and welcome in 2020. Childcare is provided. Love Offering.
1/12/2020 • 12:00pm ~ 1:00pm

Sunday after church service. 12-1pm.  The book is Arthur Conan Doyle's Book of the Beyond published by White Eagle Press.  You can join the discussion without having read the book.  It's not too late to join bookclub!


Sunday Schedule

  • 9:30
    Explore new ideas, expand your consciousness. Join us for an hour of discussion on topics that cover the spectrum of life.
  • 10:30
    Children are born knowing God and our programs are designed to help them not forget.
  • 10:30
    Refresh your heart and renew your Spirit! The perfect time to gather with your family and friends to celebrate life on earth.

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