6/23/2018 • 9:00am ~ 5:00pm
Healing Class
Healing Class- 6/23-24, 6/28, 7/5-26 - This is a foundational class on energy healings. You will learn how to enter the energy field of another; how to channel Godlove for a deep healing; how to heal long distance; and how to "see" beyond the symptoms into cause. This very extensive class is an experience of deep revelation for every student! Saturday 6/23, 9am-5pm, Sunday 6/24, 1pm-5pm, and Thursday evenings June 28, July 5, July 12, July 19 & July 26 from 7pm-9:30pm. $450.
6/24/2018 • 10:30am ~ 11:30am
Sunday Service

Letting Go, and Showing Up   Rev. Cindy Fuller

6/26/2018 • 7:30pm ~ 9:00pm
Tuesday Service

Water Healing - Tonight we will experience the transformational cellular healing with energized water. We will connect physically and spiritually to higher frequencies and allow our bodies to lift. Rev. Charmayne Scruggs will lead.

6/29/2018 • 7:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm
Feng Shui Classes

Do You Love it? - This class is to allow each participant to begin to anchor in the Feng Shui mindset. 


7/2/2018 • 6:30pm ~ 8:00pm
Men's Breakfast
All the men are invited to join Patrick as he prepares a delicious meal for everyone. Don't forget to bring a dish to share! Come and share your energy of light with the men of the church.
7/14/2018 • 6:00PM ~ 8:30PM
Reiki Night

Love Offering. Come and receive the gift of healing through Reiki.

7/15/2018 • 12:00pm ~ 1:00pm

Sunday after church service. 

It's not too late to join bookclub! 

The book this month is Jungle by Yossi Ghinsberg. 

7/20/2018 • 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm
20's and 30's Group Meeting
Friday night, 7-9pm. Metaphysics at its most fun! Join this great group of young adults!


Sunday Schedule

  • 9:30
    Explore new ideas, expand your consciousness. Join us for an hour of discussion on topics that cover the spectrum of life.
  • 10:30
    Children are born knowing God and our programs are designed to help them not forget.
  • 10:30
    Refresh your heart and renew your Spirit! The perfect time to gather with your family and friends to celebrate life on earth.

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